Finally, it’s vacation!!

as the title says . . . . it’s vacation!, and it’s boring but NOT when you got an h!p life^^, get’s me excited watching Buono! Hybrid Punch anyway i’m looking for Buono!’s first concert coz i wanna here the song Cafe Buono! live, we had this test of designing a coffee shop and i thought of Cafe Buono! but then i forgot to relate my design to Buono! so maybe in the future i will redesign it, so if anyone knows a download site(not torrent) please drop a message^^,


Ryuusei Boy is cool! the graphics, planet background with comets and everything, yeah pretty cool! and also, the dance move when they say “Ryuusei Boy”!.  watashi no danna-sama(not sure), good but doesn’t satisfy me a lot . . . y’know what satisfy me? eh? guess it! haha! none other than BRAVO! BRAVO! although it’s still a preview it got me addicted!!! first, the close-up was hell good! Airi’s beautiness never fails, Miya’s cuteness overload! and Momo isn’t too cute! she had the right amount of cuteness, and i like that! i don’t like the AGBCMT“attention-getter-because-of-cuteness-momo-type” i like the RACMT“right-amount-of-cuteness-momo-type”, okay that was boring! haha anyway, i can’t wait for the full! P-A-T-I! P-A-T-I!(i think it’s clap in romaji, so C-L-A-P=P-A-T-I).


okay! as promised, Sugaya Risako on Clear, now i have new techniques and these are:

-more realistic hair

-the eyes reflects more

-i got skin tones! but it’s very light, in my recent drawings there are no skin tones at all

-lips are better

honestly speaking i like Risako when she was still in her child days, today . . . i don’t know why i started to dislike her, i’m more onto Miya now.

Now there you have it! my entry, Take care everyone!^^,



So I guess I lied that i’m back, this blog was down for a long time, i’m soooo sorry, there was just so much things in my personal life. well anyways, i won’t let this blog die . . . it may sleep but it would never die>.<

when i was gone i missed a lot of things like Everyday Zekkochou of C-ute i heard it once, S/mileage’s songs(idk even know the title), i had no updates on H!O and i’ve almost forgot my password(well it’s fixed now*sigh*) but one thing i didn’t forgot is that i am listening to Take It Easy and the upcoming song of Buono! i think it’s Bravo! Bravo! blablablah Airi is always beautiful, i was surprised when the trailer was released, it was very early for Tsunku to release another song(because i can’t still get over on Take It Easy!!) well anyway,

here’s my recent sketch and . . . . IT WAS INVERTED! T_T i had it scanned three times, this is the third time, and it was a disaster. Please stay tuned of my Risako Sketch, i’m sure you will like it coz i learned some better techniques heheheh 8-). if want to see my latest works just visit my Deviantart account

while i was out of the H!P world I began to watch K-drama and J-dorama, mostly movies, it was a very nice experience to watch them alone every midnight and learning every lesson from it. also, i’ve got to know Ueto Aya, she was a very good actress and . . . a JPOP SINGERRRR!! until here everyone, i’ll post Sugaaya Risako on my next entry . . . . asap!^_^.

Take care everyone.


I’m Back

Finally, despite of all the school works from the past few weeks, I’m back XD maybe next week i can breathe normal again coz there are stuffs to deal with so i haven’t been updating.

“About Arihara Kanna, it was so sad” – Mr. Ayam Late

anyway, here’s a Risako Sketch, this time there are background and she is lying down, i think the nose was stretched too much T_T, and i was kind of lazy doing the floral design on the bed. And look! this is my first, Risako sketch!! lol! phenomenal.


Tons of Works to do T_T + Amazing Fact!!!! Please read

I was supposed to do some sketches last weekend but one thing blocked me doing it, which is a 50-page Research work, it was easy if it is only like that BUT it was HANDWRITTEN so i wasn’t able to find some time doing some sketches, and this next days we need to draw Stonehenge and Mesopotamia Ziggurat for my history class, oh btw i am an architecture student and I’m on my second year^^, and for the next Monday I need to pass my logo and a plan(rendered). Here’s the plan I need to *translate*

and also I need to plan a house for my design class but I will find time to do sketches and other art things^^,.

Tomorrow is the 1st of July 2009 and on the 8th of July at 12:34:56 it’ll be 12:34:56 07/08/09 Amazing eh? be the first to spread the words on to everyone! This is just once in the entire world’s phenomenon, not so much special but really AMAZING!!!!


My Confession

First I would like to address this to some of my friends who think that i am insane of why am i loving Jpop. okay, here’s the situation: every time i would show H!P Pvs on my friends some would say “oh! their cute, they look the same!” my reaction was a smile and explain “no, their not. i’m happy you like what i showed you”,”what the hell? their so sexy and hell beautiful!!!” of course i would smile again and be proud BUT some would say “what the hell on the world?? are these your FANTASIES?” and i would think “come on?! when you say fantasy, for me, i would think that i play them in my mind, something like green” and I DON’T do that! i respect my Japanese Idols specially H!P but it’s freakin’ annoying that somebody would tell that those were my fantasy. anyway, i understand my friends afterwards coz i knew that they think “Japanese? what would you understand from them?” but it bothers me a lot coz i think that “do they see me as a fantasy-seeker guy?” i don’t want it to be like that T_T. to tell you, i don’t tell them about this blog coz right into that PV thing and some stuffs, like a pin of Buono! which i ask to be made, what more would they think if they see this well i wouldn’t till they understand that i like H!P.

Some time back when i haven’t yet discovered H!P i saw some concerts of Michael Jackson and his fans would cry out and the worst thing is to pass-out in the middle of his concert seeing a guy who’s bare brief is outside his pants(i’m laughing when i saw it) i thought that “what the hell are these guys? they pass-out during concerts and drip their tears seeing a guy like that? they’re definitely insane!” after i knew H!P when i would watch Buono! concert vids which i downloaded, when i’m alone in the house, i would scream out Airi, Momo and Miya’s names loudly and there are joys in me that would become tears of joy and so i understand now why they would pass-out during concerts maybe this would happen to me if time comes XD there are these tremendous amount of joyfulness in you that eventually explode ‘till you say “oh God! i saw my ultimate can’t-reach idols, would you take me now? i’m ready to dieX-l” that’s what i think now.

Lesson: understand why people really like something that looked weird to your eyes coz you wouldn’t know how they think of you when they saw the same thing in you.


Happy 15th Birthday Chisa-chan!!!! OYEAH!!

. . . Continued

shocks! i almost forgot that her birthday is today i thought it was on Monday well anyway as a present here is my first not-so-many

exposed hair Chisa lol! hope you like it. At first glance on Chisa i i think that i already saw her coz honestly, her face is so familiar like i saw her somewhere in the Philippines. her boyish attitude makes her really unique from other C-ute members specially when you watch her Yorosen episode you’ll surely die on laughing! she is competing with Maimi with a really serious aim to defeat Maimi in sports, in the final round Chisa and Maimi finally faced and of course our athletic leader won and Chisa unfortunately lost T_T anyway the show “C-ute has come” wherein they talk to some foreigners and their English was really bad he played soccer with tall American, oh gawd she was really small that time to compete with them. i like her more on a ponytail rather than the blown-away hair.

Rival . . . .

I know this was already out-dated and i’m repeating my entry. Rival just can’t get out in my head ohh! anyways, adlib was good, PV was also good but Momo’s dress reminds me of Renai Rider and Kiss Kiss Kiss and Miya reminds me of MY BOY. Miya really looks good on Kindai scans so as expected i . . . drew her!!! Yay let’s celebrate Miya today!

Ooh really liking her in some of her scans, take note: some! the stupid make-up artist always puts heavy make-up on her while she looks better without it anyways, moving on, i was wandering around H!O Forums Miya's thread backtracking some pages, a lot of people posts some sexy side of Miya that totally freaked me out!! Yay! miya’s so charismatic.

Regarding with the drawing, i messed up some of her bangs but i did some new technique on her hair(i didn’t smudge it) honestly, i hate circular patterns the most so what i did is just simple yet messy circles on her dress. Materials was also the same.

Before i end this post . . . come, let’s celebrate Chisa’s Birthday on Monday 21st . . . . wait lemme check . . . oh shoot!! it’s tomorrow!!! argh!! i thought it was on Monday oh crap! . . . .  To be continued